NAI Global Expands to Colorado

Posted by on Apr 11, 2019

NAI Global, a leading commercial real estate brokerage firm, recently expanded its footprint in Colorado. Chrisland Inc., a boutique commercial real estate brokerage, investment and development firm in Fort Collins, joined NAI Global. The global firm plans to maintain local ownership following NAI’s mantra, “Lead locally. Act globally.” It will now do joint business under the name of NAI Affinity. While they’re known for real estate brokerage, NAI Affinity’s business does both brokerage and investments. Ryan Schaefer, co-founder of Chrisland Inc., will remain the CEO of NAI Affinity.

The firm is involved in many land deals, such as the 2534 master-planned community worth $20 million. The mass amounts of land available for purchase in Northern Colorado is appealing for global investors who don’t often see so much acreage available in one place. Further, these opportunities allow for Northern Colorado to be put on a global map in a way it wasn’t before. While local business helps NAI Global tremendously, NAI Global is also beneficial for Chrisland. Schaefer stated, “We will be able to expose our clients to investment opportunities we would not have been aware of before we joined NAI.”

NAI Global is a subset of C-III Capital Partners, led by CEO and Chairman, Andrew Farkas. The company has over 400 offices all over the world. Annually, NAI Global completes in excess of $20 billion in commercial real estate transactions. NAI Global has been working with many of the world’s largest multinational corporations for more than 30 years.

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NAI Global Expands in Greece

Posted by on Nov 11, 2018

NAI Global has announced the opening of a new office in Europe, expanding their global portfolio of international offices. Athens based NAI RealAct will serve as an office in Greece, specializing in office, investment, industrial, land sales/development, multifamily and hotel/hospitality real estate.

NAI RealAct will provide a range of real estate services including valuations, property acquisitions, investment transactions consultancy, tenant and buyer representation, leasing, sales, development, project management, and real estate consulting.

NAI Global has over 400 offices strategically located throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific, with over 7,000 local market professionals, managing over 425 million square feet of property. With multiple offices in Athens and a large network of affiliate offices, NAI RealAct helps NAI Global expand their presence in an area of Europe with a rapidly increasing demand for real estate services.

“The financial climate is rapidly improving in Greece. Most financial indicators are outperforming targets, while the real estate market is entering a new era, driven by improved sales volume and stronger demand for all types of property. Take up (leasing) of commercial property is picking up and new international investors are expressing interest in our markets. The NAI RealAct team is ready to support this increasing wave for real estate services, after many years of almost no real estate development activity,” said Anna Nazou of NAI RealAct.

NAI RealAct’s team has represented a number of international clients with properties located in Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Serbia, and Croatia, bringing valuable clients to the NAI Global team.

NAI Global is a subsidiary of C-III Capital Partners under the larger Island Capital Group, which falls under the portfolio of CEO and Chairman Andrew Farkas.

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Leading Midwest Real Estate Company Joins NAI Global

Posted by on Jul 28, 2018

NAI Global has welcomed Pfefferle Companies to their growing team. Based in Appleton, Wisconsin, Pfefferle Companies also has offices located in Green Bay and Wausau. In addition to this, NAI Pfefferle has over 400 offices.

The CEO of NAI Pfefferle is John Pfefferle and the president is Mike Pfefferle. The company is comprised of 20 advisors and has more than 500 commercial listings. With this being said, NAI Pfefferle has brokered over $250 million in the last three years. This company also owns over 13 million square feet of commercial property in the Midwest, making it one of the largest privately held management companies in Wisconsin.

Pfefferle Companies is a very well-established corporation and NAI Global is glad to add this company to its portfolio. In addition to Wisconsin, NAI Global also has offices in Washington DC, New York, California, and 43 other states. There are also offices located outside of the United States in Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Each additional office helps make NAI Global’s growing team stronger and more unified. Andrew Farkas’s vision of having real estate companies that he oversees reach their full potential, including NAI Global, is apparent with acquisitions such as Pfefferle Companies.

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NAI Charleston Acquires Historic Townhouse

Posted by on May 23, 2018

NAI Global, a leading global commercial real estate and brokerage firm, recently acquired property in Charleston, South Carolina for $2.95 million. NAI Charleston is a franchise within NAI Global, which is owned by Andrew L. Farkas.

The property is located at 95 Broad St., and is known as the Major Peter Bocquet House. This townhouse is almost 250 years old and has just recently been renovated. Our of its four stories, floors one through three are 4,500 square feet and would ideally be used for office space. In addition to plenty of storage and many closets, this property boasts a 425 square foot area that could potentially be used for a storefront.

Situated on the east coast, Charleston is a very popular destination spot. 95 Broad St. is located in one of this city’s most renowned neighborhoods, and is in close proximity to the “Four Corners of Law.” This intersection is located at Broad and Meeting St., and is comprised of City Hall, Charleston County Courthouse, the Federal Courthouse, and St. Michael’s Church.

Although recently renovated, the property still retains many of its original features. These include fireplaces registered with the Federal Register of historic homes, a lime-washed exterior, a salon, and an original Georgian façade. This townhome is also an ideal spot for events as it can host between 50 and 80 people.

Due to its excellent location and many features, the purchase of 95 Broad St. makes this property an ideal addition to NAI Global’s diverse portfolio. NAI Global is a subsidiary of C-III Capital Partners, which is owned by CEO Andrew Farkas.

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NAI Global Makes Top 5 in Lipsey’s 2018 Survey

Posted by on May 17, 2018

NAI Global, a subsidiary owned by Andrew L. Farkas, was recently ranked number four in Lipsey’s Survey of Top 25 Commercial Real Estate Brands of 2018. This survey was led by 100,000 professionals in the commercial real estate world, proving that it was an extremely extensive and well thought out process. Andrew Farkas owns C-III Capital Partners, a fully-diversified asset management and commercial real estate services company that owns NAI Global.

C-III Capital Partners acquired NAI Global in 2011 and has since worked in conjunction with the company to obtain real estate across the country. As a company that offers a variety of services and solutions to its clientele around the world, it’s no surprise NAI Global was featured on Lipsey’s Survey of Top 25 Commercial Real Estate Brands.

The survey itself mentioned NAI Global’s strong regional and global presence in real estate. More specifically, it referred to the fact that this company has more than 7,000 local market professionals and over 400 offices in North America, Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia Pacific.

In addition to this, the Lipsey report recognized Dorit Makovsky Fischer as a veteran when it comes to NAI Global. A member of the company since 2002, Dorit works closely with property in Denver, Colorado.

As Chairman and CEO of C-III, Andrew Farkas will continue to find opportunities to move this company forward.

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NAI Global Announces 2018 Leadership Board

Posted by on Jan 12, 2018

NAI Global, a subsidiary of Andrew Farkas’s Island Capital Group, announced its 2017-2018 NAI Leadership board.

The board will be composed of four groups: An Executive Leadership Committee, an Advisory Taskforce, a Strategic Leadership Committee, and a Past Chairperson’s Council. The board provides proactive leadership to increase NAI’s profitability, professionalism, technical capability, integrity, and standards of practice that create mutual trust and respect within the organization.

The Executive Leadership Committee will assure the alignment of company strategies, goals and objectives, allowing NAI to perform with the greatest possible efficiency under a shared vision. The Advisory Taskforce will implement the strategic initiatives of the Executive Leadership Committee, and assist the Strategic Leadership Committee in researching and vetting those strategies.

The main focus of the Strategic Leadership Committee is to create and vet initiatives that align with the goals of NAI Professionals. The Chairperson’s Council provides experienced guidance that is available to guide strategic discussions and initiatives.

The Leadership Board will also foster and promote activities, education and communication for NAI offices, agents, and the organization as a whole. The goal of these activities and education is to elevate the level of engagement and productivity of NAI members.

NAI Global is a leading global commercial real estate brokerage firm that annually completes more than $20 billion in commercial real estate transactions worldwide. Under the leadership of its Managing Member, Chairman, and CEO Andrew Farkas, Island Capital Group acquired NAI Global to expand its portfolio and increase its capabilities. The new NAI Leadership Board is an example of NAI Global’s commitment to being a top performer in its industry, by increasing productivity and efficiency company-wide.

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