C-III Capital Partner’s Subsidiary Purchases Argon Plaza

Posted by on Aug 13, 2018

C-III Asset Management, a subsidiary of C-III Capital Partners, recently facilitated a purchase made by Grubb Properties at 12701 Fair Lakes Circle, Fairfax, Va. This is the first time Grubb has purchased property in the Washington, D.C. metro area. The property is also known as Argon Plaza and is within close proximity to Fair Oaks Mall. C-III Capital Partners is under strong leadership and guidance, with Andrew L. Farkas being both the CEO and Chairman of this company.

The purchase made by Grubb Properties amounted to $38.8 million total and was sold by the U.S. Bank. A subsidiary of C-III Capital Partners, NAI Global, brokered the purchase with HFF. NAI Global is a real estate broker and is also under the leadership of Andrew Farkas’ company, C-III Capital Partners.

Argon Plaza was built in 1988 and is comprised of a 10-story building. The property is also 275,000 square feet and is also occupied by The Boeing Company, and will remain at this location for at least the next five years. The area surrounding Argon Plaza offers plenty of access to retail, cafes and eateries and it also in close proximity to Interstate 66 and Route 286. Both roads are used regularly by commuters in the Washington, D.C. area.

C-III Capital Partners and NAI Global are pleased to have helped Grubb Properties make its very first purchase in Northern Virginia. The Washington, D.C. area is an ideal location for property investment due to easy public transportation access and plethora of nationally known companies. Under the guidance of Andrew Farkas, both C-III Capital Partners and NAI Global will continue to assist real estate companies in purchasing properties with great potential.

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Andrew Farkas Reports on RSO’s Strategic Plan

Posted by on Aug 1, 2018

Andrew L. Farkas, chairman of Resource Capital Corporation, reported on the status on April 29, 2018 of a strategic plan that was put forth 18 months ago. This plan detailed Real Capital Corporation’s repositioning as a commercial real estate company that will produce sustainable core earnings and deliver long-term shareholder value. According to Andrew Farkas, this plan is now complete and has met its goals.

Between now and when the plan was implemented, Resource Capital Corporation was able to sell $417 million non-core assets. $57 million of the remaining $63 million are legacy commercial real estate loans. Andrew Farkas believes that the best way to handle the legacy loans is to spend time to work them out. This will ideally result in achieving maximum proceeds for the company’s investors. The course of action outlined by Andrew Farkas is based off of resolving more than $50 billion similar loans for C-III Capital Partners.

The completion of the strategic plan will also result in an increase in Resource Capital Corporation’s quarterly dividend by $0.10 per share in the second quarter. According to Andrew Farkas, this will be a 100% in the quarterly common dividend since the plan started.

Another goal that was accomplished with the strategic plan is that throughout the last 18 months, around $800 million transitional commercial real estate loans have been originated. $165 million of the Series A and B preferred shares have also been fully redeemed. Andrew Farkas predicts that obtaining core earnings growth should be an easy path due to these accomplishments, which he stated in the following quote: “The path to core earnings growth from here is clear; identifying opportunities for quality, risk adjusted returns by leveraging C-III’s platform to invest in a broad array of commercial real estate credit investments.”

Andrew Farkas also stated that as of May 25, 2018, Resource Capital Corporation will be called Exantas Capital Corporation. In addition to the name change, Andrew Farkas is eager to see company-wide growth now that the strategic plan is complete.

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Leading Midwest Real Estate Company Joins NAI Global

Posted by on Jul 28, 2018

NAI Global has welcomed Pfefferle Companies to their growing team. Based in Appleton, Wisconsin, Pfefferle Companies also has offices located in Green Bay and Wausau. In addition to this, NAI Pfefferle has over 400 offices.

The CEO of NAI Pfefferle is John Pfefferle and the president is Mike Pfefferle. The company is comprised of 20 advisors and has more than 500 commercial listings. With this being said, NAI Pfefferle has brokered over $250 million in the last three years. This company also owns over 13 million square feet of commercial property in the Midwest, making it one of the largest privately held management companies in Wisconsin.

Pfefferle Companies is a very well-established corporation and NAI Global is glad to add this company to its portfolio. In addition to Wisconsin, NAI Global also has offices in Washington DC, New York, California, and 43 other states. There are also offices located outside of the United States in Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Each additional office helps make NAI Global’s growing team stronger and more unified. Andrew Farkas’s vision of having real estate companies that he oversees reach their full potential, including NAI Global, is apparent with acquisitions such as Pfefferle Companies.

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Andrew Farkas’s Organization Donates $120,000 to SRMC

Posted by on Jul 13, 2018

The NYC Eastern Caribbean Relief Fund Inc., co-founded by IGY Marinas, has donated $120,000 to the Schneider Regional Medical Center Foundation (SRMC). This donation will go towards medical equipment that was either lost or damaged during Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

IGY Marinas CEO and founder Andrew L. Farkas has made it his goal to help the Caribbean community recover from the natural disasters that occurred in 2017 through the NYC Eastern Caribbean Relief Fund Inc. Donations such as the one made to SRMC does just that by allocating the donation towards medical equipment.

Just as the name suggests, SRMC sees that patients receiving care at Roy Lester Schneider Hospital in St. Thomas have all of the equipment necessary for their treatment. Additionally, SRMC does the same for Myrah Keating Smith Community Health Center in St. John. In fact, both facilities remained in operation during Hurricanes Irma and Maria and are the only medical facilities on each island. This makes it detrimental that their services meet patient expectations.

Since its founding in September 2017, NYC Eastern Caribbean Relief Fund Inc. has made it its goal to raise $5 million for those affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. In addition to providing aide to SRMS, NYC Eastern Caribbean Relief Fund Inc. aims to help the yachting community that has also been affected by the natural disasters. Islands in the Caribbean heavily rely on local communities for goods and services, which has been difficult given the circumstances of the recent hurricanes. Companies such as NYC Eastern Caribbean Relief Fund Inc. help restore the infrastructure between locals and those in the yachting community, all the while providing food, shelter and healthcare for those affected.

By overseeing donations made to organizations like the Schneider Regional Medical Center Foundation, Andrew Farkas will ensure that Caribbean inhabitants will continue to receive care that is of the utmost quality.

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Resource Capital Corporation Reflects on Accomplishments

Posted by on Jul 3, 2018

Andrew Farkas, Chairman of Resource Capital Corporation (RSO), participated in a conference call on Thursday, March 8, 2018. During this call, Andrew Farkas discussed RSO’s progress in executing a strategic plan to put RSO into a competitive progression.

This conference call focused on RSO’s Q4 earnings during 2017. In addition to explaining RSO’s strategy in 2017, Farkas also discussed the strategy’s long-term affects: “2017 commercial real estate loan originated volume was up over 300% as compared to 2016 and CMBS investments by face amount were approximately $200 million greater than 2016. We expect these investments to make meaningful contributions to core earnings in 2018.”

Andrew Farkas also reflected on RSO’s first earning call and how the efforts of this company put forth in 2017 will begin to pay off in 2018, especially RSO’s core earnings. During this call, Andrew Farkas also made sure to congratulate management on its extraordinary work. He also made a point to state the performance of RSO continues to improve.

Not only is Andrew Farkas Chairman of RSO, but he also owns several companies that are very well-known in the real estate world. These companies include Island Capital Group, C-III Capital Partners, and IGY Marinas.

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