NAI Global Announces 2018 Leadership Board

Posted by on Jan 12, 2018

NAI Global, a subsidiary of Andrew Farkas’s Island Capital Group, announced its 2017-2018 NAI Leadership board.

The board will be composed of four groups: An Executive Leadership Committee, an Advisory Taskforce, a Strategic Leadership Committee, and a Past Chairperson’s Council. The board provides proactive leadership to increase NAI’s profitability, professionalism, technical capability, integrity, and standards of practice that create mutual trust and respect within the organization.

The Executive Leadership Committee will assure the alignment of company strategies, goals and objectives, allowing NAI to perform with the greatest possible efficiency under a shared vision. The Advisory Taskforce will implement the strategic initiatives of the Executive Leadership Committee, and assist the Strategic Leadership Committee in researching and vetting those strategies.

The main focus of the Strategic Leadership Committee is to create and vet initiatives that align with the goals of NAI Professionals. The Chairperson’s Council provides experienced guidance that is available to guide strategic discussions and initiatives.

The Leadership Board will also foster and promote activities, education and communication for NAI offices, agents, and the organization as a whole. The goal of these activities and education is to elevate the level of engagement and productivity of NAI members.

NAI Global is a leading global commercial real estate brokerage firm that annually completes more than $20 billion in commercial real estate transactions worldwide. Under the leadership of its Managing Member, Chairman, and CEO Andrew Farkas, Island Capital Group acquired NAI Global to expand its portfolio and increase its capabilities. The new NAI Leadership Board is an example of NAI Global’s commitment to being a top performer in its industry, by increasing productivity and efficiency company-wide.

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Farkas Subsidiary Announces Merger of NYC Firm

Posted by on Jan 5, 2018

NAI Global, a subsidiary of Andrew Farkas’s C-III Capital Partners, recently announced the merger of its New York City firm EVO Real Estate Group with Herald Square Properties.

The merged organization is now called HSP Real Estate Group, a wholly integrated, full-service real estate firm that will continue to represent NAI global in the NYC market. The expanded platform and experienced team will bring more business opportunities to NAI, according to Dana L. Moskowits, Partner of HSP Real Estate Group, originally from EVO Real Estate.

The firm will be headed by Principals Gerard Nocera and Michael Reid of HSP, and Ira Z. Fishman and Mosowitz of EVO. The combined, extensive knowledge of these principals on the local market and industry will inform success for the organization’s divisions of acquisitions, property management, asset management, construction management, and office and retail/hospitality leasing and sales.

Jay Olshonsky, president of NAI Global, expressed his excitement on the merger, and the combination of in-market strengths it provides. Olshonsky also expressed his confidence in the powerful bond of insights and execution created through the combination of both groups’ leadership.

The merger will allow NAI to increase the profitability, professionalism, integrity and skillset of the already thriving office in NYC. NAI will also promote activities, education, and communication that will encourage engagement between offices and agents, and HSP’s professionals.

NAI Global is a leading global commercial real estate brokerage firm that was acquired by C-III Capital Partners under the guidance of C-III’s chairman and CEO Andrew Farkas. The merger between EVO Real Estate Group and Herald Square Properties is an example of Farkas and NAI Global’s shared commitment to expanding the capabilities and portfolio of C-III Capital Partners and its subsidiary organizations.

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Real Capital Markets Sees Strong Industrial Investment in 2018

Posted by on Dec 27, 2017

Real Capital Markets, an organization acquired by C-III Capital Partners under the leadership of Andrew Farkas, published a report detailing expected industrial investment trends in 2018.

The healthy growth the industry has seen this year will continue next year, according to the report. Real Capital Markets found that 90.3 percent of brokers and investors believe that investment activity will remain comparable to current levels. 47.8 percent believe that activity will increase, even if just nominally.

The expected growth comes off a strong trend that began in 2011 with expansion in leasing, construction, and capital market sales. Demand currently outweighs supply in core markets, and according to respondents of the survey that will continue for at least another 12-18 months.

The report also identified a number of threats that investors and brokers see in the industry, which include overbuilding and oversupply, the lack of quality assets for investing, and the unrealistic expectations of sellers.

Respondents also identified a number of reasons that were impacting industrial investment the most. 37.4 identified e-commerce as having the greatest impact, with general economic strength following at 34.5 percent.

Pricing of industrial assets has remained strong for several years, and is currently hitting record levels in certain core markets.

Real Capital Markets was founded in 1999 and became the leading commercial real estate disposition platform for property and note sales. It enables to customers to market, manage and track assets throughout the entire real estate life cycle. Under the direction of chairman and CEO Andrew Farkas, C-III Capital Partners acquired Real Capital Markets to expand the organization’s assets, which in total now exceed $8 billion.

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