Real Estate Investment Startup Cadre Very Successful

Posted by on Feb 22, 2016

Brothers, Jared and Joshua Kushner are pleased with their fast-growing real estate technology startup, Cadre. Cadre focuses on pairing clients with the appropriate real estate firms, in order to create a much more efficient way for these two parties to connect.

The startup industry has taken off within the last few years. Investors have increased the amounts they are willing to spend, thinking that startups are the way of the future. Investment totals have increased 36% from 2014 to 2015 (1.1 to 1.5 billion).

Cadre has been trying to get off the ground through investor funding. During the Series A funding round, Thrive Capital, founded by Joshua Kushner, and General Catalyst led the pack, generating 18.3 million for Cadre. Series A funding is the first noteworthy round of venture capital financing and involves the selling of prefered stock in exchange for an investment. More recently, Cadre raised 50 million dollars in the Series B round of funding. Series B funding is the next step in the funding process. This is an opportunity for investors to gain ownership in the company, in the form of common stock. Fundraising is a very crucial element to any start up and with this huge amount, Cadre will hopefully launch its business model soon. Among others, investors include big names such as Goldman Sachs and Yuri Milner. Information regarding which companies drove the Series B funding has yet to come out.

This startup has also captured the attention of big names in real estate such as Michael Fascitelli and Andrew Farkas. Fascitelli sits on Cadre’s investment committee and is a member of the Vornado Realty Trust board. Andrew Farkas, who is the founder of the Island Capital Group, and CEO of NAI Global, sits on the board of Cadre. He helps oversee the organization and provides feedback on company decisions. Farkas has years of real estate experience, and is a big name in the industry, so his support carries a lot of weight, proving that Cadre is a smart investment.

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