Resource America Inc. Sees Steady Growth in 2017

Posted by on Apr 26, 2018

Resource Credit Income Fund, also known as the Fund, released its quarterly distribution from the end of 2017 earlier this year. Resource America, Inc. is owned by C-III Capital Partners LLC, which is owned by Andrew L. Farkas. Andrew Farkas is a leader in the real estate in commercial industry, and even owns other well-known companies such as Island Capital Group (ICG).

The Fund reported a distribution of 6.3% as of December 31, 2017. More specifically, the quarterly distribution was $0.175 per share. Altogether, there has been a total return of 24.3% between April 17, 2015 and December 31, 2017.

Although past performance typically doesn’t indicate future performance, Resource America, Inc.’s growth and overall worth has been impressive this past year. This can be seen in the fact that C-III Capital Partners, LLC obtains $8.7 billion in debt assets and real estate.

As CEO of both C-III Capital Partners and Resource America Inc., Andrew Farkas is constantly investing in new opportunities that will allow these companies to growth as reported by the Fund. Examples of how he has achieved this are with his acquisitions of property throughout the country, whether it be commercial or real estate.

Resource America Inc. has obtained 17,000 multifamily units across 20 different states. Platforms include nationally recognized real estate companies like Resource Real Estate and Resource Capital Corporation. Liquid alternatives include Resource Real Estate Diversified Income Fund and Resource Credit Income Fund.

Andrew Farkas currently serves as Chairman and CEO of both C-III and Resource America Inc., the latter of which he also serves as President. Andrew Farkas’ push for success is evident in the positions he currently occupies in both companies. He will continue to see that C-III and Resource America Inc. see steady growth in the upcoming year.