Farkas’ IGY Marina Funds Improvements of Local Nonprofit

Posted by on Aug 29, 2018

IGY Marinas recently completed its annual “Giving Day”, and one of the organizations it donated its time to was The Sanctuary on 8th Street in Jacksonville, FL. IGY owns the Marina at Ortega Landing, and when the management team was looking for a cause to support, a slip holder at the marina recommended the Sanctuary, which is a nonprofit education program. Mr. Andrew Farkas leads the IGY management team as Founder & Chairman. IGY Marinas is affiliated with Island Capital Group LLC, a leading real estate services firm, of which Mr. Farkas is also Chairman and CEO.

The Sanctuary on 8th Street is a nonprofit organization that provides afterschool, summer school and homeschool programs to local students in the Jacksonville area. It is located in an aging building that was in need of repairs, so IGY Marinas’ staff volunteered to help for a day. Five staff members and nine volunteers from the marina’s boating community worked on the exterior of the building and the landscaping around it. They power-washed the building and sidewalk, repainted the front of the building, installed stained-glass in the windows, and placed fresh mulch around the trees. The project totaled nearly 100 man-hours in volunteer labor, and the marina also donated money to the organization. Nearly $3,000 went towards paint, mulch, and the windows, and they also gave a check for $500 to support the summer school program.

Mr. Farkas and the IGY Marinas leadership team have demonstrated their commitment to philanthropic causes ever since the company was founded in 2005. The IGY Community Outreach Project has helped dozens of towns such as Jacksonville by sending IGY Marinas staff members into local communities to give back for a day. IGY also created the NYC Eastern Caribbean Relief Fund to support victims of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, with a goal of raising $5 million to give to affected families. By continuing to donate to those in need, Mr. Farkas is ensuring that IGY Marinas is making a positive impact wherever it is present.