Anubis Advisors’ Role in the Farkas Empire

Posted by on Jan 5, 2015

Anubis Advisors was founded in March 2010 by Andrew Farkas, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Island Capital Group LLC. ICG is a real estate merchant banking and asset management firm that operates internationally but has its primary location in New York City. Anubis acts as an advisory company to ICG, ICG’s portfolio companies and others, on issues such as distressed debt acquisition, real estate and asset management.

The services provided by Anubis include strategic planning, M&A, restructuring, executive management and some financial services. Anubis’ management team consists of professionals, including Mr. Farkas as acting CEO, who were responsible for the continued development and expansion of Insignia Financial Group, Inc. which was one of the top three global real estate firms between 1991 and 2003.

One of Anubis’ clients within the portfolio of ICG companies is C-III Capital Partners LLC and its subsidiary C-III Asset Management LLC. C-III provides creative solutions to equity and debt problems within the real estate market, while its asset management team service a portfolio of almost $120 billion of commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS). Anubis’ role is to assist C-III in their integration of a principle capital deployment and M&A strategy within their existing operations, in the hopes of acquiring more CMBS fund managers and incremental CMBS, among other servicing operations. Under the direction of Anubis, C-III also intends to further pursue third-party servicing relationships and expand into new lines of business that correspond with current business operations.