Andrew Farkas Joins Virgin Islands Advisory Group

Posted by on Dec 22, 2017

In the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, Andrew Farkas has joined the Virgin Islands Hurricane and Resiliency Advisory Group, which will help guide reconstruction and resiliency efforts in the territory.

The advisory group is composed of local officials and community members, in addition to business and environmental experts, as well as thought leaders from the United States.

The committee has at its disposal $1.4 million to aid relief efforts, which was collected through United States Virgin Islands recovery.

Under the guidance of Virgin Islands Governor Kenneth Mapp, the expert committee will perform hurricane damage assessments, and outline potential risks the VI could face within the next 30 years. The committee will also focus on developing long-term security and economic recovery in the VI, with attention to making the area’s infrastructure, homes, and businesses more resistant to future storms and natural disasters.

More in-depth areas of focus for the committee include the ongoing development and implementation of USVI response and recovery efforts, the streamlining of coordination and leverage of funding and volunteer efforts, a coordinated economic recovery plan, keeping track of federal disaster assistance funding and private donations, and policy recommendations and guidelines to increase the USVI’s resilience in the face of natural hazards.

Andrew Farkas has considerable interest the United States Virgin Islands, most importantly its recovery and growth after the recent string of hurricanes that have hit the territory. Farkas is the chairman and CEO of Island Capital Group, an industry-leading real estate merchant bank headquartered in New York City.