Andrew Farkas & Island Capital Group

Posted by on Aug 11, 2011

Andrew Farkas founded Island Capital Group (ICG) in May 2003 and currently serves as its Managing Member, Chairman and CEO.  Island Capital Group is a leading international real estate merchant bank engaged in a broad range of real estate related activities.  Through its headquarters in New York City, ICG pursues a broad range of real estate-related investments.  Its management team is comprised of individuals with financial expertise and true operating experience in order to view investments more critically and understand complex opportunities.

ICG has a unique strategy for identifying opportunities with a “top down” and “bottom up” method by taking a proactive approach to sourcing investments that is consistent with its investment thesis and leveraging its extensive network of brokerage, banking and institutional relationships.

Island Capital Group has six portfolio companies listed on its website: C-III Capital Partners, Centerline Holding Company, Island Global Yachting, Applied Technology & Management, ENSeC and ICG Realty.  ICG provides several services, which are listed under “Businesses” on its site: (1) advisory, consulting and asset management services, (2) commercial real estate loan servicing, (3) fund management, (4) principal investment and co-investment, and (5) development.